1. arcanemysteries:

    We are a community of fortune tellers, scryers, psychics, tarot readers, lenormand lovers, divinatory healers, sooth sayers, mediums, seers, cartomancers, pendulum weavers, rune readers, bone throwers, bibliomancers and everything in between. No divination form or skill is left out or discriminated. Let us UNITE!

    I’m into it!

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  2. Considering opening my tarot reading/divination store tonight

    7 types of readings will be available! I’m kinda nervous though. We’ll see if I swallow my nerves in a few hours when I have time to pay attention to it.


  3. kyrahgrey:


    If you’re not into people in that way, or your prominent relationships are friendship and not romantic, does the “romance” forecast translate over to “friendship and social”? I know romance sells well and lots of people ask for it, but any time I see a forecast regarding it in my life, or get a…

    Being married to my Consort, I tend to interpret romantic readings as friendships and do some introspection as to who it might apply to, or, if there’s a hobby/job/event I really enjoy I feel it out as to whether it has anything to do with that as well.

    On the whole though, I default to friendships and business relationships when seeing romantic things come up.

    That sounds about what I was thinking of. I am totally romantic towards business and spreadsheets and marketing plans, and a lot of things in my life are going that way right now, so that would be an appropriate connotation.

    Also useful to think about when I do readings myself!


  4. Any astrology/divination peeps have tips for translating romance forecasts if you’re asexual/aromantic?

    If you’re not into people in that way, or your prominent relationships are friendship and not romantic, does the “romance” forecast translate over to “friendship and social”? I know romance sells well and lots of people ask for it, but any time I see a forecast regarding it in my life, or get a reading regarding it in my life, my eyes just sort of glaze over. I am not looking for a person in that way, and I find forecasts (horoscopes especially) focus on romance a lot but not on closeness of a different, platonic type.

    (Oddly enough I do really good readings on people’s romantic lives, possibly because as an almost full-time ace I’m pretty detached about it.)

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  6. pomegranateandivy:

    I get it, I really do. The desire to read into everything, to view every odd occurrence as a sign, as the supernatural, as the preternatural, as more than the daily grind and the mundane happenings that make up the majority of life. I want to be special, I want to be desired company for spirits, and a sought after medium for the Divine. I want to feel magic in every breath and step. But then, when something truly unusual happens, and I can honestly say with a fair amount of certainty that it was a sign, it’s a different kind of satisfaction that I get from itl. I can always look at a regular occurrence and say, “What meaning does this hold for me? How can I use this every day life lesson to enhance my own life, my spirituality, and my craft?” And that’s something special too, being able to discern meaning from ordinary things, and taking credit for that. Maybe a God(dess) or spirit didn’t send you that dream, but YOU still drew inspiration from it, and made it something significant without Divine input. That’s you. That is just how amazing, and special, and extraordinary you are.

    I tend to think of spirits like parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and/or any other version of a care-giver you prefer. Sometimes they stand close to catch you if you fall; to teach you to walk, to run, to ride a bike; to tell you how proud they are of you. Sometimes, they stand back, waiting, watching, to see what you’re capable of on your own; to push your limits; to help you be better than you think you can be. Not everything is a sign, and that is more than okay, because sometimes we don’t need the answer handed to us, we need left with our own thoughts so we can formulate our own answers.


  7. pomegranateandivy:




    Does anyone celebrate the Autumn Equinox simply as the coming of a new season and NOT as the Wiccan holiday Mabon? I simply cannot find anything!

    I celebrate the equinox as a seasonal change and not as a Wiccan holiday because I’m not Wiccan. I usually make a big meal and apple pie (beginning of apple season) to celebrate the coming harvest. :)

    Same here. I’m not Wiccan, I’m not even pagan but I celebrate the seasons. I let the season tell me what to do. What’s ripe and in season as far as food to cook? What calls to me to add to an altar. What is my garden growing? How have other cultures celebrated the season?

    Not Wiccan here, so I don’t celebrate Mabon. I celebrate the equinox as Persephone’s return to Hades (which is according to my practice the reason for the changing seasons), and do a dinner party, and renew promises, oaths, and vows. And also as the equinox being when Dionysus takes over the duty of conveying prophetic visions to Delphi’s Oracles. I also know thedruidsteaparty celebrates the changing seasons, though not necessarily in line with the equinox and solstices.

    I celebrate it as the change of the season. With The Court, we have a special wheel of the year where the King departs and is usurped by the Pawn for the season, which causes a shift in the balance of power. I should write that up sometime because it’s really neat - the King is actually a bit empowered by the process because he’s more able to go among the people and cause change, and blend in as a commoner, instead of being stuck in the castle, as it were.


  8. Spellcraft Thursdays


    Have an idea for a spell, but can’t figure out what colors or music you should use? New to ritual-writing and worried about screwing up? Have an idea or a goal, but not sure how to work it?

    Magic Users Resource is now offering Spellcraft Thursdays, a stress-light way to get feedback on your workings. Here’s how it works:

    1. Send in your spell, ritual, working, or idea by 11:59pm MST on Wednesdays. This can be through a submission or an ask.
    2. Your submission will be published on Thursday.
    3. All throughout Thursdays, the mods will be offering critique on received submissions. Followers and non-following casters are also strongly encouraged to offer their own comments, questions, or suggestions on any submission, whether through reblogs or asks.
    4. Ideally, by the end of Thursday, you’ll have a better grasp on how you want your working to look!

  9. Nine-card Reading Sample: College and Money Prospects

    I did this reading for ek-vitki, who was kind enough to let me share it. It’s a casual-style demonstration of the kind of depth you can get from one of my nine-card readings. (I’ll be offering readings soon, I’m still getting the options and prices sorted out.) I’m including the reading and a chunk of the feedback I got on it.

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  10. Hermetic and Ceremonial Resources




    Basic Rituals:

    Thanks for listing our stuff! <3

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