1. Catching Up With Depeche Mode!

    This post has nothing to do with new wave music, I’m actually listening to some excellent prog rock right now. I just think that album title is really funny.

    I figured I’d duck in to say that I’m still writing that article on how to work with angels. It’s 9,992 words long as of now. I am most probably going to split it into at least two parts since it’s starting to reach “maybe I should just make it a book and sell it” length and I don’t have time to work on a book right now. (Later.) It’s going well, it’s just… I have trouble keeping stuff brief, and this isn’t a simple subject to begin with.

    I’ll probably split it into “what to do if you need angelic intervention immediately” and “how to approach a long-term working relationship with angels” since those are two different needs and I’m already writing different methods to address those needs. I might split off a third article that contains my introductions to the Four Archangels (plus a fifth Beatle anchangel). Those are running pretty long too. I just waffle back and forth on it since my takes on the angels are kind of contingent on not settling on any one bit of the Abrahamic canon as super-canon, or any one religion as the one that “got it right”. They’re also contingent on the context of the original article, in that they’re descriptions for people who are new to this and demon-aligned. The intent is to acquaint people with angels who don’t usually work with angels, and find them intimidating. Then again, I’ll never write something that no one will disagree with. Angel experts who already have contacted and worked with angels aren’t really the audience for the descriptions and may not get anything out of them.

    Anyway, I’m hoping I can get out at least one of these articles soon. This article was originally an offshoot of another article that ended up getting too big… maybe I ought to seriously consider that book. >_> I’ll be halfway done by the time these articles are written.

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  2. I revamped my theme a bit for readability improvements. I may do the same for MPV soon. I also opened asks, but if you want advice, I only give general advice.

    "This is my specific situation what do I do about it please help immediately" = not what I can handle right now. "What sorts of things can demons help me with" = what I can handle. "I have a demon in my house which demon is it" = not what I can handle right now. (Try finding a diviner if the articles here don’t help.) "What’s your opinion of ____ grimoire" = what I can handle.

    Basically if it’s about a situation you’re in right now with an actual demon or entity, I can’t answer specific questions because it sort of makes me a part of the situation and pulls me in to a degree that’s unnecessary. Also, it devotes my resources to helping in one specific case when I’d prefer to help as many people as possible at once instead. So a general topic would be much better, such as “can you advise what to do when a demon I have a long-term relationship with is unhappy with me because they think I insulted them?” As opposed to “Stolas is very angry at me because I put a cheesy macrame owl on his altar, and now the apartment feels awful.” Or “can you advise on cases where a demonkin has an estranged relationship with their demon parent and wants to repair the relationship?” As opposed to “I’m a child of Seere’s and our relationship went to shit in a past life, now he hangs around me and I want to patch things up with him but I can’t resolve lingering feelings of resentment and he won’t talk about it head-on.”

    I just don’t have the energy to dig into each and every case, and long-distance, via tumblr asks, I can’t give the best advice on life-or-death situations. You might end up in a worse situation than you had at the start because of miscommunication between us. So if I get a specific ask I will make a public post sans the ask, which will give advice to the general situation if I can. If I can’t make it into a general advice post because of whatever reason, or I’ve already answered the basic question in a previous article, I’ll message you and let you know. I want you people to be safe and happy, but adding an unrelated person to the situation often just makes things worse, and I hope you’ll understand.

    As for questions like “why do you do this demon stuff, that’s sorta crazy,” I’ll quote my FAQ:

    Seems to be something I enjoy and do well enough. I know this is a boring response but it’s the truth when you get down to it. People usually do things because they want to and are good at them or trying to get better at them, and that doesn’t change when the subject turns supernatural.

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  3. I had to stop writing the “getting away from/kicking out a demon when things go sour” post for a bit so I could focus my efforts on “working with angels if you’re demon-aligned”. The angel post is now 5,093 words long and I’m not even done yet.

    Not sure if I should leave it as-is when it’s done or break it into parts. That’s gonna be a pretty hefty post.

    "Kicking out demons" will be a multi-part post too. Maybe I should get used to that format since when I do finally talk about something, I tend to talk a LOT.

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  4. da-at-ass:

    Moon Healing Escalation: A Curse Counter

    Okay, I realize it’s been a long time since you could pick up one of these wands for two bucks in the clearance section of Kmart. However, the new Sailor Moon anime is coming out this summer, so I’d expect there to be a re-release of the Moon Stick since it looks almost identical in the manga, and the new anime is supposed to be a faithful manga adaptation. If you want to shell out the big bucks, there’s a 100% accurate replica wand available here. The original I’ve seen on ebay as low as $40. If you don’t have the money I’d wait a bit and see if more flood the market when the anime gets nearer to airing. Anyway, you can always build your own facsimile or use a different wand entirely - it’s Sailor Moon so it’s your heart that matters.

    Anyway, meet my wand. It’s a 1990s original and it’s gained a patina of age that I consider to be akin to battle wear. I have been using it as my ritual wand since about 1999, and those fifteen years have really seasoned it. I know it looks like a cheesy piece of plastic. It is a cheesy piece of plastic. But when I so much as take it out to show a person for novelty’s sake, all the house spirits and demons FLAIL out of the way. It is extremely powerful and its energy is entirely dedicated to purification and eradicating anything that has even a hint of bad-guy-aroma. I’m not saying that it will be the same for you, but that’s its potential.

    This wand is for bad-ass healing only. I use my athame (ritual knife) to focus energy, cast circles, etc. You could say that my wand and athame usage is reversed from the norm. In any case, if you have a tool like this I suggest you use it only when you really need to, because a tool that means business is a tool that ALWAYS means business.

    I do not consider myself a pop-culture witch. I’m saying this for those of you out there who are skeptical of pop-culture magic. My practice is usually demonology-based and based on my perceptions of the spirit world around me, and I don’t have a mental construct of the Sailor Moon world that I do my workings through. It doesn’t really matter. This wand still works. That’s because Moon Healing Escalation is mother-fucking bad-ass. I use it when I need to, and when I don’t I put it away and pretend to be a very important and very serious demonologist (I swear).

    Do not store the wand with the Silver Crystal in it. Excuse me did you miss the part in the anime where this is the most badass power-item in the show? If you don’t store your gun loaded, you don’t store your Moon Stick loaded. Keep the Silver Crystal in a separate place. I keep it on my altar with the Moon Stick in my gun safe (the underwear drawer).

    I don’t care if you use dub phrases or names. What matters is what’s in your heart.

    Moon Healing Escalation is very simple and very direct. Seriously, watch it. It doesn’t last long, it’s not even that flashy. It does what it needs to do. You say the words, you do a little spin if you need to, you draw a circle if you need to, you press the button that makes the music on your wand if you have batteries IF YOU NEED TO. I’ve noticed that every step towards authenticity ups the ante on the spell a bit and definitely increases power. I’ve also noticed demons flinch at the music the wand plays when you press the button.

    Moon Healing Escalation is a HEALING SPELL. Sailor Moon’s powers were mostly healing, not offense. This is why it is so effective at purification and healing. If you want a weapon, this may not be the item or spell for you. It’s used most often in the anime for healing a person from possession by a monster. It may eradicate the monster, but the person is left behind. So don’t expect it to keep acting on a person or harm a person like a curse would. Its power is not meant to do damage to a person and it will not work like that.

    Moon Healing Escalation exhausts its target. It’s extremely powerful and the people healed usually collapse. It needs recovery time after it is used.

    Do not load in the Silver Crystal unless you really need it. There were two levels of Moon Healing Escalation in the show - one without the crystal and one with. The first is fine for almost all cases. The second is really more life-or-death situations. Do not overdo it with the Silver Crystal and use it sparingly - remember that full use of the Silver Crystal cost Queen Serenity her life, and Sailor Moon her life twice. It’s serious business. It’s a fucking pink plastic ring, and it blinks on and off when you load it into the wand and press the button, but it’s still serious business.

    Watch where you point that thing. Seriously, it’s not just the demons who flinch when I wave it around, humans duck too.

    There’s really no step by step instructions, just a bunch of safety warnings. That’s how the best spells work.

    Figured I’d give this post another tour of duty, what with Sailor Moon Crystal showing now, and the original series re-release!


  5. Call for papers for The Bosom of Isis anthology


    Avalonia UK has posted a call for papers (and artwork & photography) to The Bosom of Isis, an “anthology exploring the history, myths, worship and resurgence of the goddess Isis” with a deadline for submissions on September 19th, 2014.

    “The Bosom of Isis is an anthology exploring the history, myths, worship and resurgence of the goddess Isis. Isis (Aset, Iset) is arguably one of the most important ancient goddesses, honoured by peasants, artisans, pharoahs and aristocrats. Evidence for her worship can be found from the earliest dynasties of Egypt, through her proliferation in Europe during the Greco-Roman period and more recently as part of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine through the Western Mystery Tradition into modern Paganism and Goddess spirituality. Isis was the mother of Horus, the sister-wife of Osiris, the twin sister of Nephthys and daughter of Nuit and Geb. She is a protectress of children, goddess of magic and closely associated with rulership, with the meaning of her name being ‘throne’.”

    Originally posted on The Hermetic Library Blog at http://library.hrmtc.com/2014/07/23/call-for-papers-for-the-bosom-of-isis-anthology/


  6. How to write about magic without breaking down into insufferable pedantry


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  7. I’m Going to Start Writing About Demonkin.

    There’s nothing wrong with being demonkin, and it’s a common enough predicament for some people to be in that I think it’s important to address it. In my observation, there are a pretty good amount of demonkin out there, whether or not they publicly identify as such. Since I write mostly about demons and working with them, the demonkin angle is important to acknowledge and I really can’t give some people in-depth advice while ignoring people who are demon-descended in some way. I don’t know if I’ll do any demonkin-specific articles, but I’ll be making sure to acknowledge demonkin issues head-on when writing advice for people working with demons. Mostly I’ll be focusing on how magical work can be different for people who are actual family members of the demons they’re working with.

    This will make some of the articles longer and some of the topics a bit more complex, but I think it’s worth it in the long run. If you’ve got a problem reading about demonkin… well, I can’t do anything about that. I’ll tag where appropriate, but to be honest there’s very little offense you should be able to take from statements like “while this is true for human practitioners, demonkin may find that this other approach suits them better”.

    I held off on addressing demonkin issues directly for awhile because it took me a long time to figure out the best way to approach the topic. I don’t want to call anyone’s situation out as an example, that invades privacy. Also, I needed to get an overall grasp of how the otherkin/demonkin community itself handled some of these issues or discussed them before I could be sure that I could actually give useful advice. A lot of stuff written in the demonkin space is about more specific cases or people’s very specific personal experiences, or debating which is correct, but that’s not what I’m here for. I like to write general advice that as many people as possible can use if they’re in certain situations. I’m a bit more confident now on what I should be writing in this space and what sort of info is needed, so I think I can contribute to this topic from now on.

    That being said, I’m continuing to write advice for practitioners who aren’t demonkin and for people who are dealing with demons who aren’t demonkin. So this is more about being completionist than trading one demographic for another. Overall I hope that what I write can help as many people as possible. This has already started happening to some degree on this blog and MPV, but I wanted to be clear with my audience that the trend will only continue.


  8. Warning Signs That a Demon or Other Spirit Is Trouble and Needs to Go


    written by da-at-ass

    I’m a proponent of working with demons* in a respectful way, and at Merkavah Partyvan we try to help people do this. Part of that is extending respect to a demon in the same way you’d respect a colleague, friend, deity, etc, depending on the kind of relationship you’re trying to establish with the demon. However, while treating the demon equitably is important, it’s just as important that the demon treat you equitably. Even in a more veneration-based relationship, you should be treated with the respect you deserve.

    Except “the respect you deserve” is difficult to define when you come walking into a relationship convinced that you don’t deserve much respect, or have no right to demand it. Because demons have a bad reputation, people often go into this field assuming that certain things are normal or are to be accepted, and then are surprised to find out the behavior they’ve been tolerating is really abuse. The longer abuse is allowed to happen, the more suffering it causes, and the more difficult it is for the victim to pull or be pulled out of the cycle. Every abuse situation cannot be prevented before it happens, but they can be recognized for what they are.

    What follows is a list of behaviors or patterns that may indicate you need to get out of a relationship, or halt a developing relationship before it goes any further.

    Read More


  9. I wrote a 5300-word article on warning signs to look out for when working with demons. It was going to be brief, but then I went into detail on how abuse cycles perpetuate themselves and how abusers endear themselves to their victims, so… it ran pretty long.

    Tif’s reading over it to see if I missed anything. I might be able to post it tonight to MPV! Regardless, look for it in the near future. There will be a follow-up on how to get abusive demons/spirits out of your life in the coming weeks, since when the abuser is astral your options are different than with a physical-world abuser.

    It might take some time to write that follow-up article, it’s difficult when the problem itself is complicated and thorny, but you know the person trying to solve the problem is, often, somewhat inexperienced with magic. The thing with ‘beginner magic’ is that just because someone’s a beginner doesn’t mean they’re only involved with simple, cut and dry situations. That’s not their fault, either. Sometimes complicated situations just happen to people.

    Sorry I don’t post more regular content but I find my articles improve when I take some time to really focus on them and make sure I’ve got a solid topic to cover. I’ve yet to achieve “article a day” regularity and I don’t know if I ever will. For me it’s about making good content, and taking the time to do it right. If I could make this my dedicated job, it’d go a lot faster, but that’s not my reality right now, nor will it probably ever be.

  10. magictransistor:

    Petrus Apianus, Macrocosme from Astronomicum Caesareum (Ingolstadt), 1540.

    (via blackpaint20)

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