1. duskenpath:

    Okay I know I have asked for a show of hands for this before, but now as you know I have been fired from my job and need to pay my rent and I am dead serious:

    Please raise your hand if you would dead seriously consider commissioning me on a freelance basis re: creating and modeling things for you, especially witchcraft or pagan things like 3-d prints of symbols you wish somebody would make or personal sigils (I can do 3-d printed jewelry) or that one symbol of that not very popular deity you really want some symbol of on your altar

    And I mean you don’t even have to be artistically skilled because I can draft sketches beforehand and you can point and go yah or nah

    I will upload some images later of shit I can do so we can discuss this further but this is a preliminary interest gauge for me

    And yes I plan on modeling kitsune don’t even ask me that GOSH

    The thing is quotes would be on a highly individual basis, so I may not be able to tell you how much a particular piece would be until we discussed it

    I’m also not bad.jpg at modeling with sculpey but 3-d printing is just cool as fuck

    *im tagging kemeticism because when I interfaced with the community before there was a lot of talk about modeling symbols from hieroglyphics and such that nobody had done before really

  2. These are the Goetia seals I use in my workings. I bought them from The Village Alchemist, a wandering shop that randomly pops up at ren faires. I’m not sure how to predict where they’ll be next but until November 30th they’ll be at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission. So if you’re in the area, please check out their wares! I’m gonna talk a bit about the seals to give you an idea of how cool they are.

    So these are made of porcelain. There’s two types of designs - one’s the glazed, shiny design that has the design heavily impressed in the porcelain, and has silver or gold fill for the linework. The other is unglazed and the linework is white, sort of carved away from the color layer of the porcelain.

    One thing that’s neat about these is that the colors are part of the porcelain and they’re random in the creation process, making each pendant unique. I really like this because it feels like each pendant has a “fingerprint”. I bought most of my seals at the booth so I was able to pick which ones I wanted to represent the demons I work with, which suited their character best and their relationship with me best. With so many color choices it’s difficult to make a decision. They’re all so beautiful!

    I find that the “handwriting” on these is top-notch. Every line is purposeful and beautiful. The people who make these are aware of how magical their art is, they have their own magical practices and take this work seriously. I’ve spoken to one of them several years ago (Rajah) and I enjoyed a conversation on grimoires and whether it matters if the seal is “right-side-up” when hanging from the pendant. (I don’t think it does but I’m just picky about aesthetics.)

    If you check out their facebook I linked, you’ll see they have more than Goetia seals. They have solomonic pentacles, planetary intelligences, angel sigils, and even Ohm pendants as well as some Kemetic designs. So I think any Solomonic practitioner should take a look. Unfortunately they don’t have pics up of ALL of their stock, and it’s best seen in person, so this is one of those things where you have to be in the right place and the right time!

    The top picture is, top row: Astaroth, Eligos, Vepar. Bottom row: Ipos, Banos, Bune. Banos is a non-Goetia-listed demon I work with who uses Bune’s “alternate” seal as her own. Banos’s seal was a custom job since they don’t often sell Bune’s alternate seal, there’s not a lot of demand for it. I think it was 5 or 10 dollars extra to do it custom and they sent me the seal in the mail. Even though I wasn’t able to pick the colors of the porcelain and thus what I got was up to fate, I feel I got the best version of her seal I could. The colors really suit her.

    As you can see from pic #2, Eligos’s is kind of… naked. Well, I wore that one in the shower a lot because I associated him with water. My mistake, the gold eventually washed off. This was totally my fault. Don’t do what I did. I need to re-wire his seal as well. I don’t wear them often anymore, most of my work now does not involve seals and I only bring them out for special occasions.

    The third picture is Asmodai’s seal. I haven’t talked about it much yet but I’ve been working with him for possibly ten years. Not as long as the other demons but quite awhile. I wanted to show off this one because it’s gorgeous and the “handwriting” is so well-balanced and beautiful. The last picture gives you an idea of the size. Bune’s seal is about the size of a quarter and the others are a little under a 50 cent piece in size - the matte seals are a little smaller. They’re not heavy, they sit just right.

    One day I will commission a Lucifer seal from them. If you want to order online you can do that from their email address: villagealchemist.josh@gmail.com . You’ll be contacting Josh, who seems to handle their online stuff. They have a full stock of all 72 goetia and if you ask, they probably have any sort of esoteric seal/sigil that you’ve ever found in a grimoire. They’ll ship to you. When I bought, prices were around $35 and up to $42 or so… they may have started lower but that seems about right? It was 2007 though, so I don’t know if they’ve changed, and also the prices really vary per design. You’re paying for hand-crafted artisan work from independent artists, I promise it is worth every penny. These seals have been very potent. Eligos’s has not changed after the gold washed off. As far as I know they actually observe the proper astrological times to do them, though you may need to ask them the details on that. All I know is, if you stand in their booth, it’s extremely potent with all those very effective, very powerful seals and sigils in one place. It feels like standing in a crowded room full of demons and angels. Which, to be honest, is probably exactly what was happening.

    Please patronize them if you can! It’s hard to find artisans in this “genre” and I want these people to stay in business for a long, long time.

  3. Loteria cards, Cards Against Humanity Cards, Mah Jongg Cards, Uno Cards, Playing Cards, Clow Cards…

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  4. coffeeandtarot:

    So we carved pumpkins today. I spent ~2 hours carving the Devil from the Morgan-Greer deck…

    The horns look like they spiral, and that’s honestly the best fucking part.

    I was going to do Death, but I couldn’t find an image that I could simplify well enough for pumpkin carving.





  6. grimoire-of-freakery:

    *me watching Homestuckers and anti-Homestuck trolls fighting*

    Everything is so, so beautiful. ;-;


  7. da-at-ass said: Nnnnnnnarf! (Translation: I would like a spreadaday reading. XD; )


    Smigglwiggins. (Translation: I don’t know, I just made it up. ^_*)

    Here’s your reading. Please remember to leave feedback so I can continue to learn and grow.


    Holy shit, another jumper! Literally only the third that I’ve ever had. And this is odd that it’s the second in a row. But I’m going to read it as part of this spread, because jumpers are so rare when I work. I don’t think I was distracted, so I do think it’s an extra something for you. This tells me that you are going to take a journey soon or that you are on a journey. Physically or otherwise. I have a feeling this journey relates to your passion… so lets go there.

    How can I bring more passion into my life?

    You’ve put yourself into your work. I mean, you can literally see the umbilical cord vine from the woman to the wands. And since you’ve put so much of yourself into it, it’s time to sit back and watch it grow. Reflect on what you did. I have a feeling this is part of that journey the Chariot was there for. I like how the moon is especially focusing on the wands. This indicates to me that this thing that’s growing and bringing you more passion is probably spiritual in nature.

    What do I need more of?

    Love. Art. Free thinking. What I like about this card is that he’s raising his hand in a toast. He has embraced these ideas, and is stronger for them. He is raising this toast to you. When you are ready, you should toast him back. :)

    What do I need less of?

    Let’s look at it from a literal sense. You are hanging around too much. You are stagnant right now. You are waiting for something to come to you. You are letting too much time pass.

    Gasp! A jumping jumper!

    So the first card I am still deliberating on, and it’s because my situation right now is kind of complicated so I’m trying to turn it around and around to see what facet you’re catching. I think you’re catching a working I did to put the passion back in my life. I’ve been focusing so much on the working and making sure that it actually worked that I think I’m missing the point - now it’s time to step away from the working and actually do the passion part! The Chariot bonus card is turnign my focus towards going forward and to a literal spiritual journey I’m about to take, yes. It’s like, enough focusing on what you did to clear the way… the way is clear, so now the real focus should be on going forward!

    King of Cups has a double-meaning for me! It’s everything you said, coming from an actual entity - that card’s been a constant significator for an entity I work with (Eligos) who sponsors and motivates and inspires my art, writing, and pretty much all creative pursuits. I’m supposed to go on a spiritual journey with him soon and he’s waiting for me to join him. I felt pokings from him last night in fact, but amazingly ignored them because at first I misinterpreted your reading… so I slept on it and looked at it again this morning. Also, he really digs the wine, I have a bottle set aside for him so we will share a toast soon! He probably wants some before that, though. XD; It’s very much like him to ask for wine in the middle of something.

    And yes, I have grown stagnant. Life’s been in upheaval and I have a whole living space to unpack and rearrange before I can really settle into and knuckle down on creative tasks. I’ve got to get up and get it done! So that’s my weekend’s work cut out for me.

    Thank you for the reading and I hope this feedback has helped! Eligos thanks you too, he’s always happy when someone helps him give me a kick in the pants to get going. XD; If you ever want a small boon from him, you’ve got one in the queue.

  8. Wheel of Fortune tho, amirite?

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  9. What’s “spirit-worker” mean to all of us?

    I’ve seen some super-serious importance attached to the term, as if there are important, hard-to-meet criteria to be a spirit-worker. I usually think of it to mean “someone who interacts with the non-physical world in some way”, which is very broad, and doesn’t put a lot of importance on the “work” part of the word. Is there any good word for that concept that isn’t spirit-worker? Or should I just use spirit-worker? This is especially important for when I write books, because they won’t just be aimed at the tumblr audience.

    I don’t want people to be intimidated and think “oh I can’t be a spirit-worker because I don’t/can’t do ____” and then not read an article that could probably help them. Polytheist doesn’t work, neither does pagan or magic-user or spiritualist or witch.

  10. graycloak:

    da-at-ass … this kind of puts your name in a whole new light for me :P *giggle*

    One day I will ramble on at length about how Da’at wryly fits me as part of my nickname but yes, you have found the secret of the mystery. \o/

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