1. Moon Healing Escalation: A Curse Counter

    Okay, I realize it’s been a long time since you could pick up one of these wands for two bucks in the clearance section of Kmart. However, the new Sailor Moon anime is coming out this summer, so I’d expect there to be a re-release of the Moon Stick since it looks almost identical in the manga, and the new anime is supposed to be a faithful manga adaptation. If you want to shell out the big bucks, there’s a 100% accurate replica wand available here. The original I’ve seen on ebay as low as $40. If you don’t have the money I’d wait a bit and see if more flood the market when the anime gets nearer to airing. Anyway, you can always build your own facsimile or use a different wand entirely - it’s Sailor Moon so it’s your heart that matters.

    Anyway, meet my wand. It’s a 1990s original and it’s gained a patina of age that I consider to be akin to battle wear. I have been using it as my ritual wand since about 1999, and those fifteen years have really seasoned it. I know it looks like a cheesy piece of plastic. It is a cheesy piece of plastic. But when I so much as take it out to show a person for novelty’s sake, all the house spirits and demons FLAIL out of the way. It is extremely powerful and its energy is entirely dedicated to purification and eradicating anything that has even a hint of bad-guy-aroma. I’m not saying that it will be the same for you, but that’s its potential.

    This wand is for bad-ass healing only. I use my athame (ritual knife) to focus energy, cast circles, etc. You could say that my wand and athame usage is reversed from the norm. In any case, if you have a tool like this I suggest you use it only when you really need to, because a tool that means business is a tool that ALWAYS means business.

    I do not consider myself a pop-culture witch. I’m saying this for those of you out there who are skeptical of pop-culture magic. My practice is usually demonology-based and based on my perceptions of the spirit world around me, and I don’t have a mental construct of the Sailor Moon world that I do my workings through. It doesn’t really matter. This wand still works. That’s because Moon Healing Escalation is mother-fucking bad-ass. I use it when I need to, and when I don’t I put it away and pretend to be a very important and very serious demonologist (I swear).

    Do not store the wand with the Silver Crystal in it. Excuse me did you miss the part in the anime where this is the most badass power-item in the show? If you don’t store your gun loaded, you don’t store your Moon Stick loaded. Keep the Silver Crystal in a separate place. I keep it on my altar with the Moon Stick in my gun safe (the underwear drawer).

    I don’t care if you use dub phrases or names. What matters is what’s in your heart.

    Moon Healing Escalation is very simple and very direct. Seriously, watch it. It doesn’t last long, it’s not even that flashy. It does what it needs to do. You say the words, you do a little spin if you need to, you draw a circle if you need to, you press the button that makes the music on your wand if you have batteries IF YOU NEED TO. I’ve noticed that every step towards authenticity ups the ante on the spell a bit and definitely increases power. I’ve also noticed demons flinch at the music the wand plays when you press the button.

    Moon Healing Escalation is a HEALING SPELL. Sailor Moon’s powers were mostly healing, not offense. This is why it is so effective at purification and healing. If you want a weapon, this may not be the item or spell for you. It’s used most often in the anime for healing a person from possession by a monster. It may eradicate the monster, but the person is left behind. So don’t expect it to keep acting on a person or harm a person like a curse would. Its power is not meant to do damage to a person and it will not work like that.

    Moon Healing Escalation exhausts its target. It’s extremely powerful and the people healed usually collapse. It needs recovery time after it is used.

    Do not load in the Silver Crystal unless you really need it. There were two levels of Moon Healing Escalation in the show - one without the crystal and one with. The first is fine for almost all cases. The second is really more life-or-death situations. Do not overdo it with the Silver Crystal and use it sparingly - remember that full use of the Silver Crystal cost Queen Serenity her life, and Sailor Moon her life twice. It’s serious business. It’s a fucking pink plastic ring, and it blinks on and off when you load it into the wand and press the button, but it’s still serious business.

    Watch where you point that thing. Seriously, it’s not just the demons who flinch when I wave it around, humans duck too.

    There’s really no step by step instructions, just a bunch of safety warnings. That’s how the best spells work.

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