1. The Power of the Written Word - UNWRITTEN

    Stories are powerful, and sometimes the line between fiction and reality is hard to define. For Tom Taylor, it’s impossible. The son of a writer, Tom Taylor has the fortune of his father naming the protagonist of his book series after him. The Tommy Taylor books follow a familiar format to us - a boy discovers he is a wizard and goes to wizard school, then changes the world around him as he becomes the center of a lot of Christ allegories. After Tom’s father disappeared, he made his living being Tom Taylor - the media is obsessed with his connection to the fictional character, so convention appearances and interviews give him something to do. But being defined by a fictional character is making it difficult for him to define his own reality.

    And that’s before Tommy Taylor’s story starts coming to life.

    UNWRITTEN explores the idea of writing a story that changes reality itself, and how the world’s fiction has shaped its history, even outside of comics. It also explores the implications of the media using these stories to control how society behaves, and at a basic level, how we even think. And by the media, I mean a secret hooded cabal that strongarms authors into writing down the words it wants written.

    UNWRITTEN is written by Mike Carey, who you may recognize from some SANDMAN universe tie-ins as well as his LUCIFER spinoff series. He’s a great writer with a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and UNWRITTEN gives him his own sandbox to play in, instead of being constrained by someone else’s. It’s a wild ride, and every issue gives me a lot to think about. If you enjoy works like The Dark Tower and Harry Potter… well, UNWRITTEN is the set of coordinates where those two ships crash into each other.

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